Usurping the King, Part 2

The Brute Squad

Pip, tired of being the lowly cockerel, takes matters into his own claws and launches a full-force assault….

After 3 days in the house-hospital, RuPaul was able to finish his recovery in the courtyard, where he could still enjoy the sun, a little patch of dirt, and still keep an eye out on the Real Hens of OC.

With the coup underway, Uno and Pip began by intimidating RuPaul through the fence. Through their observations, they had concluded that RuPaul was definitely blind in his injured right eye. The coup started with psychological warfare, and included lots of intimidation, flapping, crowing and showmanship. They also had already begun to court RuPaul’s harem and convince them to side with Uno. You see, Uno wanted to be King, and offered the younger Pip the position of Prime Minister.

(In photo above, Uno is courting 8 of the ladies from RuPaul’s harem.)
However, Pip, who has been dying to get some r-e-s-p-e-c-t out in the yard, decided to take action into his own claws and strayed from the plans he and Uno originally agreed upon. Pip finally realized that while experience was not in his favor, his youthful exuberance and sheer size was. You see, Pip is a large Black Jersey Giant, and boy does he want to be in charge!

Over the course of two days, Pip laid siege into the recovery courtyard many many times to mount his assault, and literally blindsided RuPaul on his blind side. The physical assault and psychological warfare finally broke and weakened RuPaul into a shrinking violet. Instead of standing up for himself and fighting back, he just ran for cover like a scared chicken. Because he promoted himself as head of the brute squat, and was able to unseat the RuPaul, he crowned himself King, leaving Uno in the same position as he was before, second-in-command.

Though scared from comb to claws, RuPaul was still able to get the humans to side with him. The humans apprehended the perpetrator and put Pip the Brute in jail.

Usurping the King, Part 1



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