Usurping the King, Part 3

The Takeover

In this episode, a new King of the Flock is crowned and the usurped struggles to figure out where he fits in….

In his short term as King of the Flock, Pip acted with great contempt and aggressiveness towards RuPaul, the unseated king. While RuPaul had already conceded the loss, Pip continued to launch terrible sneak assaults on RuPaul. While Uno was not happy about Pip’s underclawed tactics to hold the title of King, Uno accepted Pip’s new rule to avoid further battles and to keep peace within the flock.



While Pip was a good cockerel to the humans, his tyrannical rule was of great concern to everyone. Also, his sheer size was a bit difficult for some of the smaller hens, particularly Betty White. You see, Betty has a bum leg and a permanent limp from breaking her leg about 1 year ago, and it’s hard for her to balance and bear the weight of a rooster, let alone a super-sized one like Pip. After much debate, the humans decided it was time to intervene. Pip has now been exiled from the flock, and no one is happier about it than RuPaul.



After Pip’s exile, RuPaul integrated back into the flock. By this time, Uno, as the Prime Minister, ascended to the position of King. RuPaul’s first day of reintegration was a rough one. Adjusting to life with just one eye, dealing with the fact that one’s own son planned a coup d’etat, and then losing one’s harem and kingdom…it’d be hard for anyone to take. Furthermore, Uno was a little rough the first few days because he needed to assert his position as the newly crowned King of the Flock.

While Uno made a few more aggressive maneuvers to intimidate and secure his position, he was far from being the tyrant that Pip was. RuPaul, still heavily traumatized under Pip’s tyranny, often retreated to the hills and to take cover under some thick brush. A few times, the humans had to assist RuPaul and convince him to come out of hiding. His confidence was clearly shattered.

RuPaul escaping to the hills

RuPaul escaping to the hills

RuPaul in hiding

RuPaul hiding in a corner

After a few days, it seemed that Uno loosened up on some of his more aggressive intimidation tactics, and RuPaul regained a tiny, tiny, tiny bit of confidence back. For example, instead of hiding all day long, he would spy the yard for Uno, and would come out of hiding if Uno wasn’t in sight. Of course, he ran back into hiding whenever he spotted Uno, or when Uno saw him.


Uno takes his job seriously

Uno takes his new job seriously.



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