It’s a long way down…

The old King falls from grace, literally….

For consorting with the King’s harem and imposing into the King’s territory, RuPaul is always fearful of getting jumped by Uno, his son and new King of the Flock. RuPaul spends much of his free time hiding amongst the brush in the hills at UrbanFarmOC. Sometimes, he will find sanctuary in the human’s patio area as well. Concerned about his health, the humans tractor him for at least a few hours daily to ensure that RuPaul is getting properly hydrated and nourished. However, King Uno always intimidates him through the barrier with his stern gaze.

When not safely tractored, RuPaul avoids Uno like the plague. When feeling a rare moment of bravery, he will come out of hiding to flirt with the ladies of Uno’s court. However, he literally runs for the hills whenever King Uno comes near.


Running for the hills all the time is not a good idea either. Uno is a fast runner and climber and likes giving RuPaul a good chase. In a recent effort to run away, RuPaul attempted to fly down the hill, except his depth perception is rather impaired with only one good eye.


RuPaul misjudged his flight path and flew into and onto the protective hawk net that’s stretched over part of the flat area of the property. Luckily the humans were on site to provide assistance and get him out of his little jam. Uno stalked from below with his stern stare: “You know who’s boss, don’t ya? I’m watchin’ ya!”


Extracting RuPaul from the net was a stressful challenge for humans and chicken alike, as you can see in the video above. It certainly did not help RuPaul’s nerves with Uno parading below.

Confidence-breaking moments like that make poor RuPaul feel very vulnerable and he seeks out comfort and hugs from the humans. Sometimes he gets some extra comfort food in the form of mealworms and nuts like almonds and cashews. The extra love makes things a little better, but poor RuPaul is really having a hard time rebuilding his confidence.


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