RuPaul: A Day In My Life

The drama ensues… It’s been a year since the eye injury that left RuPaul blind in his right eye. Life for poor Ru has been a bit difficult, despite getting spoiled rotten by the Humans. RuPaul agreed to keep a journal of a typical day for him to share with you all.


Rupee’s Diary — May 18, 2017

I wakes up at around 4:00 AM when I hears Uno next door moving around. I waits for him to sings. Then I sings. I sings louds. Very louds. But it’s louds and darks insides my apartment. I takes turns sings with Uno when I waits. I always hopes Lady Human comes sooner to lets me outs. I am bored.

Yay!! Freedoms! Lady H lets me outs early todays at 6:15 AM. I dances a littles for her, then I dances for my girls and find some hens to chase. Lady H laughs and said she likes my fabulous behind when I runs.

8:15 AM – Hawks! Hawks! There was just a hawks sighting. I didn’t sees it, but little mini Willy and some hens did. Everyone sings alarms. I did too. I sings eggstra louds. I watched overs hens when they were hiding in bushes and stood guards outside of hidings place.

9:00 AM – I am sads now. I had breaksfast and some times with the ladies. Then about 15 minutes ago, Lady H announced that she’s letting Uno outs. So, I goes to my patios, where Uno isn’t allows to go. It’s my special safe places, so I don’t have to hides in the hills, hungry and thirsty, but it makes me sads because I cannot be with the rest of the flock. This always makes me sads.

The suns is really highs now. Earlier, I invites myself into human coops twice when Lady H leaves door opens to go into yards. I sings into human coops. I gave Lady H cutes face when she comes backs and she gives me hugs and treats. Today is pumpkins seeds and dates. I also got some rices. I stays for a little bits, then I goes backs to patios and talks to my ladies through the fences. We naps togethers in the shade. Later it got hots and so I moves spots to dust bathe. I also snacks on some of my patios veggies that I make Lady H grows for me. Then I go watch the ladies. Repecka always comes to talks to me daily. We’re BFF. She always tries to visits me on patios. Newton always tries to come to patios too, but Newton only wants to dig in the dirts and mess up stuffs Lady H grows.

It’s a few hours before bedtimes, and sun is starting to sets. Uno is a bigs jerk. I disowns him as my son. He keeps coming to fences to prevents me from talking to my ladies. He gives me staresdown. I stares back. But earliers, the winds blow gate open a littles and Uno sneaks in with the ladies. Ladies are welcomes, but not Jerkface. Uno comes to my patios and chases me away. I tried to hides in human coops, but the coops door wasn’t open. So I just hides in the fars corner by the lemongrasses. Sometimes I can sneak out the gate and hides in the hills in the yards, but today, Jerkwad blocked my ways and I could not run out and hides. If I tries to runs and he sees me, he likes to attacks me from my blind side. Makes me scared and I shakes, but I don’t let the hens know. Lady H knows because she always try to makes me feel betters.

7:30 PM – Waitings to go to my apartment. I like to go to the yards and hang out with the ladies before I go home, but Uno is stills in yards. Sometimes he goes into coops early, but lately he goes very lates. So, I have to waits on patios. I complains to Lady H. She gave me back scratches. Sometimes she gives me more treats even when I don’t give her cutes face, but she didn’t today. She just tried to hugs me. I didn’t want hugs.

It’s about 8:30 now. I comes to my apartment about 20 minutes ago. Lady H walks with me. She just went and moved Uno from the coops to his apartment next to mine. Bad Uno doesn’t go to his apartment by himself. He makes Lady H or Guy H move him every nights. Ok, sleepy. Night! Night! I hopes she lets me out earlier tomorrows and Uno much later so I can spends more times with the flock. Maybe she should rehomes my good-for-nothing backstabbing jerkface son so that I can be Flock King again.

Thanks you everyone for alls the loves and wells-wishes to Lady H's post about my eye. Sorrys I was not ables to respond to alls comments. Lady H reads every comments to me though. You alls are a bunches of good Humans. Today my eye is still watery and weepy, but I'm not as grumpys. My day wasn't too bads. Lady H gave me sunflowers seeds, pumpkins seeds and dried cranberries. Yum. She says it look like I poked open whatever was lefts of my bad eye, like popping a balloons. She sprays medicines stuff but says no signs of infections so fars. I hopes for more pumpkins seeds or almonds tomorrow. Maybe fishes too. Maybe you Humans can brings me some? Anyways, thanks you again for your loves. — Loves and 😙😙, Rupee . #RuPaulTheRooster #blindchicken #specialneedspet #rooster #petfirstaid #eyeinjury #firstaid #crazychickenlady #chickens #ilovemychickens #chickenlove #chooks #backyardchickens #freerangechickens #freerange #pastureraised #fresheggs #farmfresheggs #chickensofinstagram #chickensofig #urbanfarm #urbanfarming #backyardfarm #sustainable #sustainableliving #homestead #thedodo #urbanhomestead #realhensofoc

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