About Our Eggs


When we have excess eggs (Spring, Summer and Fall), we task our humans to help us sell them so that we can pay for the rent and other living expenses. (While we demand an awesome life of chicken luxury, we don’t pay our humans. They are our indentured servants. They should be lucky just to be able to cuddle us daily. Don’t hate.)

Everyone who has tasted our eggs love them and have raved about them! Our eggs are super tasty, fresh, health and delicious. Afterall, happy hens lay healthy happy eggs!

We've had a few new layers lately! The dark one on the left belongs to Agatha (who I believe is a jersey giant x australorp), and I don't know who laid the 2 beautifully speckled ones today. I do have my suspicions and am on a mission to find out for sure though! Thank you chickens for making me smile everyday, and for giving us little delicious presents like this daily. Now, if you'd lay more and help us sell more to help pay for all your treats, worms, the garden greens you steal, and your special feed, that would be eggstra nice. 😂 We don't tolerate freeloaders! Okay, okay, who am I kidding? They know that my threats are empty threats. These feathered fluffies sure know how to get me to spoil them. . #spoiledchickens #chickens #happyhealthy #happyhens #organic #lovemychickens #chickenlove #chooks #backyardchickens #petchickens #urbanchickens #chickensaspets #freerangechickens #freerange #pastureraised #fresheggs #fresheggsdaily #farmfresheggs #chickensofinstagram #urbanfarm #urbanfarming #backyardfarm #sustainable #sustainableliving #homestead #urbanhomestead #backyardpoultry #backyardpoultrymag #realhensofoc

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“As a life-long vegetarian, I generally don’t eat eggs due to my concerns about the way chickens are generally treated in farms and commercial operations. Your eggs are the ONLY eggs I will eat, not only because they’re delicious, but also because I know how happy they are and how well they eat and live. My conscious is clear when I eat your chickens’ eggs.”  — Anna  

We lay happy, tasty, healthy eggs because we get to free-range and pasture ALL DAY long! We spend each day doing fun chickeny things like dust bathe, sun bathe, dig for bugs & worms, chase lizards, snack on various grasses & greens, and steal veggies from our humans’ gardens (well technically, we LET them garden in our yard). If we act extra cute, we can trick the humans into giving us extra mealworm treats, nuts, omelettes, and other goodies. The Humans even ferment our feed for optimal nutrition and good gut health. They only buy us organic, non-GMO whole grains. Our feed is not from any by-products of other industries.

“Your eggs are the tastiest eggs we’ve every had!  Of course way better than store-bought eggs, but we’ve also purchased other farm eggs before and have had eggs from other backyard chicken keepers. Whatever you’re doing, your eggs are creamier and the flavor of the eggs are just incredible…no one else’s rival the freshness and taste of your eggs.”  — Nancy & Richard 

Did ya know? When we lay our eggs, we seal the eggs with a “bloom” that naturally protects bacteria from getting inside. So, there’s no need to wash them until right before use. Unlike commerical eggs, our “farm” eggs have not been washed or chemically treated. You can store our eggs on the counter unwashed at room temperature for 1 month, and in the refrigerator for 3 or more months. We’ve even heard of people storing farm eggs for nearly a year! Amazing, right?

Anyways, our eggs are truly free-range eggs. No such thing as cages or small patios for us. (Did you know that eggs labeled “cage-free” are not really what the commercial industry wants you to believe? Our sisters in those environments barely get a patio and are housed like sardines in a barn.) We’re raised using organic methods, so our eggs are super duper fresh and tasty. Our yolks are way more colorful than those typical pale, pale yolks you get from the grocery store. Our eggs are even fresher than the pasture eggs sold at stores like Sprouts or Whole Foods, because you are getting them straight from the source. We thank you for supporting our life of chicken luxury by buying our eggs!

Thanks girls for your daily gifts! Now, if only the freeloaders would get with the program, and if only Peep and Bocktoven will reveal where they've been hiding their secret nest of blue and green eggs! 😅🔍 . These 9 dozen will be going to new homes tomorrow for some awesome egg customers. I'm hoping they will give me 2 more dozen of their lovely #buttnuggets by the end of the weekend to fulfill another order request! . . #mypetsmakemebreakfast #happyhens #happyhenslayhealthyeggs #eggenvy #chickens #happyhealthy #lovemychickens #chickenlove #chooks #backyardchickens #petchickens #urbanchickens #chickensaspets #freerangechickens #freerange #pastureraised #fresheggs #fresheggsdaily #farmfresheggs #chickensofinstagram #urbanfarm #urbanfarming #backyardfarm #sustainable #sustainableliving #homestead #urbanhomestead #backyardpoultrymag #realhensofoc

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Of course if you are buying eggs from the store or farmer’s market, please buy pasture eggs. Our sisters who lay pasture eggs have a MUCH better life than the poor battery hens of commercial farms who live very inhumane lives.

Anyways, if you want to buy our eggs, or adopt our chicks (we have some of those sometimes too), please use the contact form to inquire with our humans. We currently are selling our ultra-fresh, ultra-humane pasture eggs at $8 per dozen, or if you commit to a month at a time (4 dozen a month), $30 a month.

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~ The Real Hens of OC

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