The Cast

More detailed bios and pics coming soon!

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Regular Cast


RuPaul has been king of the flock ever since he was 7 months old. For nearly two years, he maintained a fair and peaceful reign over his chickens and treats visitors to his land with cautious kindness. RuPaul suffered an eye injury that put is reign and position in the flock in permanent jeopardy. He is a Salmon Faverolles rooster, that started out in life supposedly as a pullet. His humans bestowed upon him the name RuPaul in honor of their favorite gender-bending Drag Queen. Hatch Date: mid September 2014


Uno is the son of RuPaul and Sofie, a “Flowerolles,” As the pride and joy of his papa king, he served as Prime Minister to the flock at UrbanFarmOC until Papa Ru lost sight in his left eye. Uno is very gentle and sweet and has good leadership qualities. His handsome plumage and showy crest really melts the hearts of all the ladies. Hatch Date:



Barred-Rock Obama

Barred-Rock Obama (aka BR) is the Queen of the Flock at UrbanFarmOC. She leads with love and fairness, though she will certainly give you an earful. She loves a good chat and hugs, though she pretends not to. She’s a Barred Plymouth Rock. Hatch Date: early April 2014


Mary Poopins

Mary Poopins (aka Poops or just Poopins), a Black Australorp, is the BFF and confidant to the Queen, Barred-Rock Obama. She is gentle, a wonderful mama hen, and generally stays away from all the drama. Her gentle nature makes her a favorite of the flock. Hatch Date: mid April 2014


Bocktoven (aka Bocky), an Easter Egger, sings to the tune of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony when she sings her egg song. She’s not a touchy-feely kind of hen. She dislikes hugs and would prefer to dig and scratch alone. Hatch Date: mid April 2014



Sofie is an independent and inquisitive spirit who does not like it when others are in her nest boxes. She has appointed herself as the guardian and elite user of the nest boxes. This Swedish Flower Hen wears her crest and crown well. She is the the Queen Mother of Uno, now King of the Flock. Hatch Date: early September or late August 2014


Picasso is a beautiful mille fleur Euskal Oiloa (Basque) with a fluffy butt that many hens will kill for. However, she’s kind of a major bitch and has been sent to bully jail many many times on multiple counts of bullying and chick abuse. Hatch Date: early September or late August 2014



Lavender is a smaller hen, a Lavender Ameraucana, with lots of spunk. She’s one of the fiercest hens when it comes to digging and her privacy, especially when on the nest. Her eggs are a very unique elongated shape in a nice sky blue with a lovely satin sheen. She has been known to hoard and hide her eggs. Hatch Date: mid September 2014


Amelie, a French Golden Cuckoo Marans, likes her position in the middle of the pack. She goes with the flow of the flock and doesn’t like ruffling too many feathers. She lays gorgeous large to extra large dark brown speckled eggs.  Hatch Date: mid September 2014



Newton is Flowerolles (SF x SFH) that sure rocks her hat and beard. She is very inquisitive and always curious to see what everyone is up to. She does have a little naughty streak and likes to go where she’s not supposed to go. She loves hugs and is always looking for ways to raid garden beds for veggies and bugs.  She will rake humans with her beak if they don’t have a treat. Many flockmembers are secrety jealous of her swagger. Hatch Date: April 26, 2015


Walnut has a very naughty rebel streak. She, along with her sister Newton, regularly scales the fence to the humans’ patio and scratches up all their plants and herbs. They make up for the breach by leaving presents of little brown kisses. Walnut is particularly naughty because she also has an unusual addiction problem…beards. Nearly everyone in the flock is now beardless, save for the bearded female flockmembers much higher on the pecking order. RuPaul and Uno have been stripped beardless because they are so willing to please. Walnut is looking into a rehab center specializing in beard-eating addictions. Hi, my name is Walnut, and I am an addict. Hatch Date: April 26, 2015

Colonel Rock

Col. Rock is a mellow gal with an awesome beard (well, before Walnut ate it) that made her looke like Abe Lincoln. She lays medium-sized eggs in a darker shade of brown. She was hatched from Barred-Rock Obama’s egg and raised by Sofie. Her papa is RuPaul. Hatch Date: August 23, 2015

Mary, Queen of Squawks

Girl’s got back! Squawks is a bit of a clumsy oaf when she runs, but her disposition is wonderfully sweet. She loves hugs and embraces her size, and is so happy that the humans and the flock adopted her into their lives. She’s a Light Brahma. Hatch Date: mid August 2015


Repecka has special affection for RuPaul, especially after he injured his eye and lost his position as King of the Flock. She enjoys spending one-on-one time with RuPaul. She also, lays beautiful dark brown speckled eggs, but she stubbornly refuses to lay in the nest boxes. Instead, she likes to lay high up on the hill, where the 40-degree incline makes retrieving her eggs very treacherous. She’s a Welsummer. Hatch Date: mid August 2015

Heidi Plume

Speckled Sussex. Hatch Date: mid August 2015


Easter Egger. Hatch Date: mid August 2015

Guest Stars

Pip the Black Jersey Giant at 6-6.5 months old


Pip is a Black Jersey Giant who played an important role in overthrowing the former reigning King of the Flock. He was too aggressive, with traits of an overly power-hungry dictator. As a result, the humans had to intervene and find time a new home. Pip was a big boy, even at 6 months old as shown in the above photo (as a slow-grower, he is expected to reach full size at about 9-12 months old). To give you some reference as to scale, Lady Human is barely over 5’4″, about 142 lbs and wearing a bulky sweatshirt and a working apron. He was  Hatch Date: mid October 2015


Einy likes to roost on the persimmon tree at night instead of sleeping in a safe, warm coop with other cast members of Real Hens of Orange County. She’s a Polish mix, possibly a White Crested Black Polish or a White Crested Black Polish x Silver laced Polish.  Hatch Date: March 21, 2016

Tina Turner

Tina has a wild streak, and has been known to squawk to the tune of her namesake’s songs. She’s a Polish mix, possibly a White Crested Black Polish or a White Crested Black Polish x Silver laced Polish. Hatch Date: March 21, 2016


Blue Silkie. Hatch Date: March 21, 2016


Splash Silkie. Hatch Date: March 21, 2016


Sliver Laced Wyandotte x Spitzhauben. Hatch Date: April 22, 2016


Appenzeller Spitzhauben. Hatch Date: April 22, 2016


Various fluctuating population of chicks! Some of them even have side jobs as celebrity impersonators!

In Memorandum

Betty White (10.7.2014 – 6.19.2016)

Betty was a Salmon Faverolles and was just like her namesake, beautiful, sweet and funny. She rocked her beard, though she could never seem to keep it clean, and she ate like freaking pig. Her crop would get so big from eating, it made her really lop-sided when she ran. Her overstuffed crop run looked even funnier after she broke her leg and ended up with a permanent limp. Unfortunately she passed on Father’s Day, during a heat wave when temperatures reached 106°F. Despite measures to ensure that the chickens kept cool and hydrated, it’s suspected that she overheated during the stress of laying and may even have had a difficult time laying her egg. Her bum leg and the extra efforts she has to make in order to get around probably did not help the situation. She likely was too pooped to get off the nest after she laid her egg and succumbed to heat and dehydration. Betty was well-loved by every human and every chicken. She will always have a place in the flock.


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